Credit card without paycheck

13 Dec

The fact of being a credit card holder implies that we have a payment responsibility every time we use it. When we decide to apply for a credit card, we are committing ourselves with the bank to keep our account in order, that is, to settle our accounts every month, keep up with payments and avoid late payments.

For this reason, when we ask for a credit card for the first time, the bank makes sure that the customer meets the requirements to have it. As many of you should know, one of the requirements is to present salary receipts that prove your income. But what about those people who do not have a permanent job, how can you have a credit card without a paycheck?

Many people in this situation wonder if it is convenient for them to take out a credit card or a quick loan, if you are in this situation, you may be interested to know how to take out a credit card even if you do not have a paycheck.

Have a credit card without paycheck

credit card

As we know, you need the accreditation of income that shows the bank that you will have how to pay the debts you acquire with the card, but not all customers have a bank account. For example, it may be the case of a housewife who works on her own, but who does not declare her annual income, or a university student who has not yet begun working life.

How can I access a credit card without paycheck?

All credit cards require proof of income certification, so the bank is assured that you have the necessary liquidity to face the responsibility of the debt. But there are at least a couple of ways to have a credit card without a paycheck.

  1. The first option is through a customer who already has an assigned credit card and he requests an additional card. By requesting an additional credit card, the customer is assigning part of their credit quota to another person, usually a relative, without this person needing to prove their income. It should be clarified that in the end the responsibility for the payment of both cards will be the original cardholder, and not the owner of the second card.
  2. The second way is to do it through some prepaid cards. These cards act as a credit card, but of which you can only use the balance that you have previously recharged. It can be recharged from the bank account, and you don’t need more requirements to access one of these credit cards. The advantage is that you will have a card that works like the credit card for when you need it.

In Richard Ushenbach we know that each person has a particular situation, in case none of these options is suitable for you, we remind you that there are also personal loan options that may be more adapted to your particular situation.